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There are two TV shows which are largely responsible for my medical career. The first was ‘Doctors to be’ which scarily first aired on BBC2 in 1992. If you didn’t see it at the time clips still exist on youtube which I would wholeheartedly recommend. If that was my initial introduction to the world of medicine, the second programme quite literally got me through my A-levels….I speak of course of the one-and-only ER. It not only launched George Clooneys career, but in a round about way, also mine.

The one thing that TV medical dramas fail to ever properly convey is how ‘grey’ medicine is. Very often things aren’t clearly obvious and it is only with time, thought and patience that answers appear. Clearly this would make for very dull TV, but it does make for very good medicine. The reason for this preamble, is that most of the health concerns in the following article might be due to a serious underlying condition, but are more commonly caused by something much more benign. ’50 Shades of Grey’ may not have prompted my medical career but (the sentiment) is certainly what my day-to-day work is all about.


Your essential guide to the Zika virus

I love holidays. I’m certainly not one of those people that needs ‘a few days to unwind’, I’m in the holiday zone within seconds of the car rolling off the drive. Over the years I’ve had many different types of breaks and slept in all sorts of random (and often fairly unsanitary) types of accommodation. Back-in-the-day I embraced trips involving a pair of flip flops and a copy of the Lonely Planet. Nowadays holidays are more likely to involve cramming excessive amounts of paraphernalia into the people carrier and praying I’ve remembered each child’s thread bare toy required for sleep. Hey ho…times change, but a holiday is still a holiday.


If your thoughts are starting to turn to your next trip, and are pregnant or thinking of starting a family soon…have a look at my essential guide to the Zika Virus before you pick your destination.

Got an itchy bottom? Causes and treatment of pruritus ani

Although this post coincides with the Easter holidays, I have racked my brains and genuinley cannot think of a way (however obtuse) of connecting the two! Suffice to say the title tells it all…read on to learn more about the very common complaint of an itchy bum!scratch-my-back-1166930

How to tell if you are going through the menopause

Its fair to say that I’m a girls-girl. Not that I don’t enjoy male company; I can appreciate the subtleties of the six nations or the crescendo of a test match with the best of them. But when push comes to shove, an evening with my best ladies never fails to hit the spot. I grew up in a female-heavy household, and have somehow been lucky enough to always  be surrounded by close groups of amazing girls. Its a long held cliche that women like to talk, and I think in the main is it a true stereotype. As we get older the topics may change, but mulling things over with the women in your life guarentees to make things a bit brighter. So this one is going out to the girls….read it and most definitely talk about it.



(Don’t) Light My Fire…

This wasn’t intended to coincide with Valentines Day…but perhaps it is appropriate that it has! If you have ever suffered with cystitis you will know how miserable it can make you feel. For many women urine infections can be triggered by sexual intercourse. For more in-depth information about of this, take a look at my latest Patient article.cystitis-article-JG

Effective ways to help your child avoid bedwetting


For many parents, the assumption is that once the trials of potty training have been navigated it is goodbye to nappies and pull-ups. However lots of children take many years to become fully dry overnight. Not only is this usually normal, but it is typically something that will sort itself out with a bit of time and patience. If you are worried about your child not yet being dry overnight take a look at my recent Patient article for some advice and tips.



Mental Health at Christmas & New Year


Here are a couple of posts which were recently published on Patient. The first article explores some of the difficulties many face at this time of the year. The second piece offers some advice on looking after your Mental Health during the holiday season.

I really hope these articles may be of use or reassurance to someone out there. Take good care, be kind to yourselves and here’s looking towards a happy and healthy 2016.

How to avoid a festive hangover

Hands up who likes a festive tipple? Lets be honest, at this time of the year it almost feels obligatory to raise a glass or two. If you are worried about how to keep a lid on your consumption or are looking for tips on managing the dreaded hangover then read on……



Colic…..read on for some moral support!

newborn-baby-1429447-2If any of you have had children, you will be very familiar with the concept of Colic. Colic is not only miserable for the baby, but also can take its toll on the rest of the family. Read my latest Patient post for some tips and tricks on getting through those tricky first months.

Snoozing, dozing, 40 winks, napping…..do you get enough?

We all seem to crave more and better quality sleep…but somehow it never seems to happen. I don’t know about you, but by the time the kids are down, I’ve tidied up, have finally completed all the bits and bobs I’ve half attempted to get done all day, its a good 2 hours after my intended bed time. I usually drift off to sleep thinking ‘tomorrow I’ll get a really early night’! Sound familiar? Well if you are interested in learning a little more about healthy sleep take a peek at my recent Patient article here.


Like many of you my antidote to lack of sleep is coffee! Find out more about caffeine and how it affects our shut-eye here!

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